Country Description

General information

Official name: Kingdom of Morocco 

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Area: 446,550 sq. km

Capital: Rabat

Official languages: Arabic, Tamazight

Other languages: Darija ( Arabic dialect), French ( often the language of business, government and policy)

Population: 33 million (2014 est.)

Religions: Muslim (99%), Christians, Jews (1%)

Political Data

Independence day: 2 May 1956 from France

Structure of Government:

Executive: The monarchy is hereditary. The monarch is the Chief of State. He appoints the Prime Minister from the majority party following legislative elections, as well as the other members of the government.

Legislative: The bicameral Parliament consists of the Chamber of Advisors and the Chamber of Representatives. Members of the Parliament are elected for 5-year terms.

Judicial: The Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court are the highest courts.

Foreign policy: Morocco is a member of AU, UN, UN Security Council  (non-permanent member), AMU, Arab League, IMF, ILO,  WTO, UNHCR, WHO, UNESCO, IOM, UNIDO, G-11, OECD (partner), etc.

Economic Data

GDP: 96, 130 billion USD (2013 est.)

Main economic resources: mining, barley, wheat, citrus fruits, grapes, tourism, etc.

Major Trading Partners: France, Spain, India, Brazil, USA, Saudi Arabia

Legal System

Mixed legal system of civil law based on French law and Islamic law.

Useful Links

National: Constitution and Moroccan Government portal.

Regional: Visit the website of: AMU, etc

International: United Nations Treaty Series Online collection

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