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Mizan Law Review publishes peer reviewed scholarly articles that identify, examine, explore and analyze legal and related principles, stipulations and concepts based on research findings. Mizan's articles aim at interpretation, description, exploration and diagnosis towards the solution of problems (or legal issues) including proactive critique and projection that assist the development of laws. It focuses on Ethiopian laws or other laws relevant to Ethiopia. The journal also publishes non-peer reviewed thematic comments, notes, sharing thoughts, case comments and cases upon review and approval by the Editorial team. The target public of the journal include law schools, courts, legal departments of institutions (public, private, NGO), libraries, various members of the legal profession, Embassies in Ethiopia, and non-lawyers who are interested in interdisciplinary reading on particular themes.

ISSN: 1998-9881


The African Law Library is in the process of gathering all the articles of Mizan Law Review from 2007 (1/1) to the present, harvested from the African Journals Online (


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