Country Description

General information

Official name: Kingdom of Lesotho 

Government: Parliamentary Constitutional monarchy

Area: 30, 355 sq. km

Capital: Maseru

Official languages: English, Sesotho

Other languages: Zulu, Xhosa

Population: 2,074, 000 million (IMF est. 2013)

Religions: Christians (80%) ; Religious beliefs (20%)

Political Data

Independence day: 4 October 1966 from Great Britain

Structure of Government:

Executive: The Prime Minister is the Head of Government. The monarch has no executive power.

Legislative: Bicameral Parliament consisting of a Senate of 120 seats, of which 80 members are directly elected by simple majority vote and a National Assembly. Members of both houses serve 5-year terms.

Judicial: The Court of Appeal and the High Court are the highest courts.

Foreign policy: Lesotho is a member of UN, UNAMID, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNHCR, UNIDOI, UNWTO, UPU,WCO, WHO, WMO, WIPOI, WTO, ILO, IMFI, Interpol, etc

Economic Data

GDP: 2,461 billion USD

Main economic resources:  Tourism, oil refining, aluminium, steel, tea, coffee, corn, wheat, sugar cane, etc

Major Trading Partners: USA, Belgium, South Africa, China, Taiwan.

Legal System

Mixed legal system of English common law and Roman-Dutch law.

Useful Links

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International: United Nations Treaty Series Online collection

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