Journal Description

JOAL is an open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal of international scope.  Its purpose is to promote international research on the topic of open access to law.

JOAL provides an international forum for academic researchers as well as for practitioners of open legal publishing. Central topics of concern include

  •     critical construction of legal information methods
  •     governance of new models of legal publishing
  •     the relationship between open-access legal information and technology
  •     projects in open access to law
  •     the technical challenges and economic opportunities created by open access to law        and public sector information
  •     the economic dimensions of open access to law
  •     trends and changes suggested by the globalization of access

JOAL is meant to stimulate and promote an interdisciplinary approach to law, relocating classical topics in a new framework at the crossroads of law and history, law and literature, law and philosophy, law and technology, and law and AI.

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