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JIPITEC – Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law was founded in 2010 and has a main focus on European law - both on the EU-level and on the member states-level.  JIPITEC aims at providing a forum for in-depth legal analysis of current issues of intellectual property, information technology and E-commerce law. Its intention is to develop an information platform that allows authors and users to work closer together than is the case in classical law reviews. The journal will constantly revise it social media functions for this purpose. However, elements from classical law reviews, especially book reviews, bundling of articles in 2- 4 issues per year etc. will be retained.
JIPITEC is an Open Access journal. Its articles may be downloaded and disseminated in accordance with the license terms chosen by the author. All articles may be used under the Digital Peer Publishing Licenses. Some authors have chosen to allow the use of their articles under additional license terms, e.g. a Creative Commons license.
JIPITEC provides legal analysis worldwide and for free. Its articles may be downloaded and used everywhere and without fees. They will thus receive more citations than classical law review articles.
JIPITEC is financially supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. DFG supports the establishment of Open Access journals in the respective fields in an attempt to transform the classical proprietary publication process.
JIPITEC is a European law journal. Its main focus is on European Union law, on the law of the EU member states, on other European jurisdictions and on aspects of international law in the field. As a European journal, JIPITEC publishes articles in English and in another European languages, especially German and French. 



The African Law Library is in the process of gathering all the articles of JIPITEC from 2010 to the present, harvested from the repository.   


All articles may be used under the Digital Peer Publishing Licenses. DPPL is designed for scholarly content because it covers aspects of authenticity, citation, biblographic data and metadata, permant access and open formats.

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